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Companies Served
Bob Taylor has worked for and served numerous companies during his career.  Below are some of them:
Companies served
Provided CFO Plus executive services to the following companies (p) - public company:
  Livingston Mercantile
  Sierra West Finish & Sierra Wholesale Hardware
  Trustin Technology
  Tequila Holdings
DJSP Enterprises (p)
Kidd & Company
  Tatum (p)
eDocument Solutions
Snore No More
Markley Enterprises
Phillips Auto
Cosmo Wireless
Boardwalk Originals
Served as seated CFO, COO/CFO or CFO Advisor of the following companies (p) - public company:
Zanett (p)
Delta Communications Group (p)
Grip Technologies (p)
Datatech (p)
Banc Commercial
Provided other professional services to the following companies during early career (p) - public company:
Arthur Andersen & Co.
Platinum Software (now Epicor) (p)
Gateway Computer Systems
American Restaurant Group
McGaw Laboratories (p)
Hycor Biomedical (p)
Bear Medical Systems (p)
National Alarm Computer Center
Halliburton (p)
Halliburton Company (p)
Otis Engineering (p) 
Brown & Root (now KBR) (p)
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